Best Band Best Fundraiser Best New Band Best Stage Presence Most Organised Venue
2024 Who's Next (KHL) Zero Harm (Keller) - Paper Jam (Scotch Partners) - Water Rats, Kings Cross
2022 14th Canary Wolf (Canary Wharf Contractors) The 1/3 Octave Band (Hydrock) - Force Majeure (Mace, Deloitte, Stanhope, Dragados) - Hall Two @ Kings Place
15th Stairwidth to Heaven (Socatec) Forge Lane (Wardell Armstrong) - Propheads (KLH) -
2021 6th The Elusive Butterflies of Rhythm (Gleeds) Forge Lane (Wardell Armstrong) - Stairwidth to Heaven (Socotec) - Under The Bridge
7th Force Majeure (Mace) 1852 (Willmott Dixon Interiors) - Propheads (KLH) -
2020 Cancelled Due to COVID19 - - -
2019 16th Panic! At the Disto (Hollis) The BG's (Barr Gazetas) - Panic! At the Disto (Hollis) - Under The Bridge
17th The Elusive Butterflies of Rhythm (Gleeds) 1852 (Willmott Dixon Interiors) - Stairwidth to Heaven (Butler & Young) -
2018 24th Public M&E (Max Fordham LLP) Force Majeure (MACE) - Canary Wolf (Canary Wharf Contractors) - Scala
25th Change Control to Major Tom (Deloitte) 1852 (Willmott Dixon Interiors) - Zero Charm (Kier) -
2017 11th Public M&E (Max Fordham LLP) 20% Structural (Willmott Dixon Interiors) - Tender Package (Assael Architecture) - Scala
12th Margaret Street Preachers (Savills) Arup Against The Machine (Ove Arup & Partners) - Propheads (KLH UK Ltd) -
2016 5th - Make Noise (Make Architects) The Margaret Street Preachers (Savills) Tender Package (Assael Architecture) - Scala
6th Zero Charm (Balfour Beatty) White City Vultures (Mace) - The Propheads (KLH UK) -
2015 Zero Charm (Balfour Beatty) Comotosed (Como Interiors) Get Yer Asphalt (CVU) The Wiesner Super Pianist Pocock’s Band (WSP) - Scala
2014 The Macenaries (Mace) Comotosed (Como Interiors) The Bullets (BSkyB Development & Construction Team) - - The Vaults
2013 Passiv Attack (Levitt Bernstein) Mr Meaner (Cluttons LLP) The Cats (Catalyst Housing) - - The Vaults
2012 Zero Charm (Balfour Beatty) Zero Charm (Balfour Beatty) Mr Meaner (Cluttons LLP) - - Camden Centre
2011 The Instigators (HLM Architects, Scott Brownrigg, Synergy) The BAAnd (BAA) The Fountainheads (Grimshaw Architects) - - Camden Centre
2010 The BAAnd (BAA) The BAAnd (BAA) The Acquired (Grontmij) - - German Gymnasium
2009 OvaTones (Arup)
Runners Up:
Lost Prophets (Rolfe Judd)
Cyril Sonic (Cyril Sweett) - - German Gymnasium
2008 Wild Sex Party (WSP)
Runners up:
BAP Band (Bickerdike Allen)
- OvaTones (Arup) - S’Argent (Argent) German Gymnasium